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Mama's Family 5x9

Very Dirty Dancing

Mama is sacked out on the couch after laser surgery to remove a Corn from her toe. Having Bubba wait on her hand and foot, when Vint and Naomi come in, dressed for a dance contest their going to. Mama’s starts talking about her memories of the place where the event being held and everyone decides to go along with them as their cheering session.

Mama runs into an old friend, Ramon and they decide to enter the contest against Vint and Naomi, as do Bubba and Iola. Two of the final three are ofcourse Vint/Naomi and Mama/Ramon. It comes down to having to draw from a hat to determine which dance your gonna do. In the end Mama and Ramon win in an upset after doing the “”Latin Sizzle”” aka Dirty Dancin.

Dec. 02, 1988

Mama's Family season 5