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Mama's Family 5x8

Full House

Mama, Naomi and Iola are planning to go to a show at the Pepper Pot Playhouse, while Vint and Bubba are set to play poker with the “”poker pals””. Mama finds out who’s starring in the play and decides not to go, so Naomi and Iola leave as the “”pals”” arrive. Mama’s headed off to bed when the phone rings, come to find out the other guys can’t play. So Vint begs Mama to set in.

Mama proves to be a much better player than anyone expected and is soon the hit of the evening, sharing embarrassing stories about Vint as a kid. Until she gets pulled away from the table by Vint and he begs her to build him up, so the “”pals”” will think he’s a big man. Problem is that doesn’t go as well and Mama soon begins boring every one with her endless stories.

The last shoe drops when Mama reveals, in another story, that Vint touches the end of his when he’s not telling the truth. Which ends up costing him a hand and he storms out mad. Naomi and Iola return and Naomi thinks the play was horrible. Later, Mama fi

Nov. 18, 1988

Mama's Family season 5