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Mama's Family 5x7

My Mama, Myself

Iola arrives to collect for the church rummage sell. While Naomi and Vint have nothing, Mama is looking through her jewelry case. Soon finding her dear departed mother’s old brouch. Naomi comments that it may be worth some serious money. Bubba then comes in and annouces his college class is going to Oswald Caverns and it’ll only cost two hundred bucks. Which Mama refuses to give him.

Naomi and Vint convince Mama to let them have the brouch appraised and that’s when the ghost of “”Grandma Crowley”” appears to Mama and tells her not to sell her it. Later, as Vint and Naomi leave for the jewelers. Iola shows up and is spooked to hear the story of the ghost. Vint and Naomi arrive back and say the brouch could be worth $1600.

Mama demands they go back and get it, so she rushes them through dinner, where Bubba announces he got a job to pay for his trip (which he ends up getting fired at). Iola returns to inform Mama about her findings in the latest issue of a psychology magazine. Which prompts

Nov. 11, 1988

Mama's Family season 5