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Mama's Family 5x6

Found Money

The mail is late,meaning Mama’s pention check is late also,so she has to wait around for the mailman.Come to find out Iola had it the whole time and now it’s to late to get to the bank to deposit it.So Iola suggests that Mama use the new Auto-Teller, instead of letting her checks for the bills bounce.

Mama deposits the check and asks for $20.00 cash,which the machine deducts from her account,but never gives to her.So she blasts it with her pocket book and it soon starts spitting out money.$800 to be exact.

Later at the dinner table,the family and Iola take part in Bubba’s survey for his class and all disagree on what people should do with found money.It soon comes out that the teller-matic gave Mama $800 and suddenly everyone agrees that they should keep the money,with everyone having ideas on how best to spend it.But Mama decides to return to the bank the next day and put it in her account instead.

While there she runs into the guy who’s account the money was actually subtracted from

Nov. 04, 1988

Mama's Family season 5