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Mama's Family 5x3

Naomi's New Position

Naomi’s on top of the world with the news that she has an interview for the now vacant Assistant Manager’s job at Food Circus. While Vint worries if she gets the job she’ll never be home. All of this is because a new manager (Archie Woods) has taken over and begins to shakes things up, including firing the old Assistant Manager.

Naomi arrives for her interview full of new ideas for the store. Problem is there are several job requirements that she didn’t count on when she applied. Like, for instance, having to make it with Mr. Woods if she wants the promotion or for that matter to even keep her old checkers job. She’s horrified and it takes a while before she can explain to Mama and Iola what exactly happened.

Mama’s outraged and heads down to Food Circus to confront Mr. Woods. Who thinks it’s Naomi at first but then sees Mama come barreling through his office door. She says Naomi’s not interested but she is and begins chasing him around the office, coming on to him. She then secretly t

Oct. 07, 1988

Mama's Family season 5