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Mama's Family 5x25

Mama Makes Three

Naomi annouces her and Vint can’t get pregnant because Vint is shooting blanks,so Iola suggests that they try and adopt a baby.Turns out she has a cousin who works for an adoption agency in Hinkley.So she sets up an interview.

It goes well as they pass interview after interview easily until the final one.Where they and Mama have to meet with Dr. Richards, a family psychologist.They arrive at his office fighting already over Vint taking the wrong way.

Dr. Richards ask Vint if his childhood was good but he’s afraid to say anything with Mama there.So Dr. Richards stands in front of Mama and Vint tells him Mama never supports him in anything.That sets Mama off talking about her Mother,She calls her a “”Dragon”” and a few other things before Dr. Richards ends the session early.

Vint is very angry at Mama and threatens to move out when they find out they got turned down for adoption.But just then Naomi comes in and says she gotta a second opinion and she is pregnant.

Apr. 27, 1989

Mama's Family season 5