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Mama's Family 5x23

Hate Thy Neighbor

Mama’s sworn enemy and next door neighbor, Fred Gebhart blows leafs back into Thelma’s yard which starts a screaming match that has to be broken up by Iola.She then makes Bubba rake up the leafs,where he meets Fred’s grand daughter Terri,who just moved to Raytown.The attraction is instant between them.

After only two dates Bubba and Terri announce their getting married.Which makes both Fred and Thelma insist they break up.Vint and Naomi think it’s great as does Iola,as this becomes the topic of conversation until Thelma can’t handle it anymore.

Fred then comes to visit and they come to realize that since their gonna be in-laws they had better try to settle the feud.It comes out that the whole fued had nothing to do with them,it was actually there spouses who did everything.So they bury the hatchet.

Just then Bubba announces the engagement is off because he and Terri have differing opinions on where they should go on there honeymoon.Which brings Thelma and Fred into the fight and the fu

Apr. 13, 1989

Mama's Family season 5