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Mama's Family 5x22

The Mama of Invention

Iola meets a man that is interested in one of her inventions.But as it turns out Vint,Naomi and Bubba have an invention of their own,the Petlocks.When Mr. Wheeler arrives he barely glances at Iola’s invention before noticing Vints’ invention and saying he thinks it’s a brilliant idea.He asks for 800 dollars in Good faith money to start,with which he will match with 800 of his own.

Mama is skeptical and refuses to let Vint have the money.That’s when Detective Sneed shows up and drops the news that Wheeler is a con artist.He enlists Mama and Iola in a plot to catch Wheeler red-handed.Sneed gives Mama 800 dollars in marked money and has her wear a wire to record the conversation.

Vint decides at the last minute that Mama is right and the lock idea is dumb,and Mama has to talk him out of it. Wheeler arrives to pick up the money with Sneed parked across the street in an unmarked fan.

They quickly agree on the deal and Sneed busts in and arrests him.He outsmarts them and pulls a gun,and tri

Mar. 30, 1989

Mama's Family season 5