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Mama's Family 5x20

Reading the Riot Act

Bubba and Vint are playing basketball out back, when Mama comes out and starts talking about Lolly Purdue and how bad a job she is doing as the CCL President. Mama’s also trying to avoid Lolly because she doesn’t wanna have to hand write the thank you notes Lolly wants. But little does Mama know, that Iola has already agreed to do it.

Just as they are finishing Lolly shows up with some bookmarks she wants put in the envelopes, even though they’ve already been sealed. That gives Mama and Iola the reason they need to try and impeach her. So they schedule a special meeting of the CCL’s board. But Lolly shows up unexpectedly, and Mama puts her to work in the kitchen.

As Iola and the other ladies move to the porch (then onto her house), Mama makes a major discovery; Lolly can’t read. That’s why she messed up the recipe and a number of other things. So as her and Mama began to talk, they decide to start a program for people who wanna learn to read and write.

Mar. 16, 1989

Mama's Family season 5