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Mama's Family 5x2

Ladies Choice

Mama’s reign as the Church Ladies League President only has two weeks to go and being that it’s limited to one term Mama needs someone to nominate her for a second term. So she drafts Iola to take on the CCL’s power broker in Alberta Meechum. but it doesn’t quite go as planned as a very nervous Iola stumbles through her nomination of Mama. Thelma versus Iola

Alberta makes it clear that she thinks it’s unfair to ask anyone to carry the load of being president for another two years. So in a shocking twist she nominates Iola and it’s soon decided to have an election. The campaign turns nasty quick and Mama challenges Iola to a public debate. One which features a new more confident Iola.

With Vint, Naomi and Bubba at her side, Mama makes a passioniate plea to be re-elected. Which only starts the name calling back and forth between the her and Iola. In the end neither of them are elected as they began fighting and have to be broken up by Lolly Purdue, who in turn is then elected to be the n

Sep. 30, 1988

Mama's Family season 5