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Mama's Family 5x19

There's No Place Like...No Place

Bubba’s off to a rally for the homeless, as Mama and Iola are off to the Rayplex, while Vint and Naomi are headed out to route five to see the new housing development. Mama gives Bubba $20 just in case he needs it and then he accidently packs her wallet in his back pack and heads out. She only notices this as her and Iola are leaving. So Mama heads for the rally to get her wallet back and Iola heads for the theatre.

But Mama gets arrested along with the the other’s at the rally and gets locked up, even though she tries to convince them she’s not homeless. The phone is busy when she calls home so she’s out of luck and into the cell she goes. Where she discovers that the people there are much like her, including her Cousin Cora. Who lost her farm two years earlier and has been homeless every since.

The rest of the family finds Bubba at home and wonder where Mama is, they finally head for the police station and find her locked up and refusing to leave, after the Mayor decided to release e

Mar. 02, 1989

Mama's Family season 5