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Mama's Family 5x18

April Fools

April fools day has Mama in a particularly foul mood, as always. First Bubba gets her with a hand buzzer and Vint scares her with a plastic snake. Before leaving Naomi gets her too with a sign on her back that Iola finds. The fun though isn’t contained to the family as Iola gets her too with a special ‘lemon sponge cake’, that turns out to really be a lemon and sponges.

All this time, Mama is hoping to win the golden troll award. The last draw is when Naomi, Vint and Bubba blow off yard work for a day on the lake watching the ski show. While Mama’s next door, the family gets a call telling them they’ve won the award and should expect the media around 4 0’clock. Only problem is Mama doesn’t believe them when she’s informed off the wonderful news.

Thinking the family’s pulling another big joke on her. Mama and Iola plan their own April Fools day joke, by covering the front yard with all the junk from the garage. Only to find out it wasn’t a joke by the family, so then Naomi, Vint, Bubba

Feb. 24, 1989

Mama's Family season 5