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Mama's Family 5x17

Mama in One

Trying to update the church’s phone directory is hard enough, but having to do it with everyone running in and out is impossible. But fortunately for Mama her wishes of a quite house are answered. First Bubba announces that he’s pledging a fraternity called “”Sigma Alpha Pie”” or “”SAP”” and will be away all weekend. Then Iola asks Mama to watch her goldfish for the weekend while she takes her parents on a trip. Vint gets a call next and he and Naomi are invited to use a friends cabin all weekend.

Mama anticipates a few days of peace all alone, but after finishing the update on the phone directory and realizing the Tv is on the blink and not being able to read, she is totally consumed with boredom. So much so that she starts talking to the goldfish, while also over feeding him. Not to mention reorganizing the kitchen is a complete failure as she ends up out on the front Porch “”Singing in the Rain”” literally.

Mama can’t wait for the family to get back and she prepares a big turkey to welcom

Feb. 17, 1989

Mama's Family season 5