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Mama's Family 5x16

More Power to You

Naomi and Vint rush in to get ready for the awards banquet that night for Food Circus. While Mama complains to the meter guy about her electric bill saying it’s always a certain price but this month it’s $20.00 higher and she refuses to pay it. Bubba comes in wanting $25 to rent a computer to do his paper on, about Abraham Lincoln for History class.

Mama’s attempts to try and sort out the problem with the Power Company fail as she is continously giving the run around.After a final refusal by her to to pay the bill,they cut off her electricity.Bubba loses his paper and Vint and Naomi have to get ready in the dark.He ends up dressing like a clown and she looks worse.

With Iola’s “”Candles of the Holiday’s”” collection lighting the house,Mama and the family set down to dinner and she tells the story about the Ray river flood.Which gives everyone the idea to have a sing-a-long.But Iola ruins the mood when she let’s it out that Mama is the reason there’s no power.

As it turns out Bubba’s pape

Feb. 10, 1989

Mama's Family season 5