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Mama's Family 5x15

My Phony Valentine

It’s Valentine’s day and Naomi feels unloved and Vint buying her cheap stuff for doesn’t help. Mama and Iola however are busy making hearts for the Valentine’s day banquet at the church. Naomi starts bugging Iola about not having a date,so she says she had one but turned it down, while getting some snacks Mama hears this. Feeling sorry for her, Mama tells Iola that the movie they were gonna watch tonight is off and she should get herself a date. Mama then comes up with the story that she too has a date.

Now Mama has to try and find a gentleman to go out with. Iola comes over later the afternoon and tells Thelma that Roselle got a date from “”Rent-A-Gent””. So feeling desperate Thelma calls “”Rent A Gent”” and gets a date herself. When he arrives however she finds out that he’s a 30 something,not a 70 something like she had ordered,seems they run low on them around this time of year.

Naomi and Bubba’s date are insulted when they find out that Mama got a heart shaped box of chocolates and r

Jan. 27, 1989

Mama's Family season 5