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Mama's Family 5x13

The Big Wheel

The entire family is abuzz with Lotto fever, except Mama that is, who just wants Iola to get back with the cinnamon so they can start on the snickerdoodles for the church bake sale. Iola returns with a lottery ticket she bought with the change from Mama’s money. Trying to pick her numbers, Mama suggestions Iola can borrow her kids birthdays.

The night of the drawing, Bubba and Naomi have two tickets each while Vint spent his entire check on tickets. To everyone’s surprise, Iola matches all 6 numbers and wins a chance to appear on the Lotto Show. That is until Mama decides she wants her ticket back, Iola refuses and Vint announces he matched all of the numbers too (just not all on the same ticket). So after a huge fight, Mama invites Iola back over and they convince her to share the ticket with them.

Mama is picked to spin the big wheel for a chance at 2 million dollars. It lands on the million slot, but as they start celebrating it moves again and lands in the 100 dollar slot.

Jan. 13, 1989

Mama's Family season 5