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Mama's Family 5x12

Mama Bell

Mama forgets one of Bubba’s phone messages but refuses to admit she needs to write them down, as she did earlier with Naomi. So Iola suggests they get a answering machine. Thinking it would cost to much, Mama refuses, until Iola says she has one they can have for free.

Meanwhile, Naomi brings a stray dog home and her and Vint try to find a home for it, while trying to keep it hid from Mama. They lock it up in the garage, where Mama keeps hearing it bark but they convince her she’s losing her mind.

After intercepting a series of phone messages, Mama becomes convinced there gonna send her off, because she’s going crazy. But all is soon revealed, and the dog finds a home at the senior citizens center.

Jan. 06, 1989

Mama's Family season 5