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Mama's Family 5x11

What a Dump

Mama plays host to the neighborhood block party, where Mayor Tutwiller is set to make a major announcement. Mama thinks he’s going to award her the “”Golden Troll”” award for the best yard in Raytown. But he instead annouces that the city council has voted to make Raylane the new city dump and buy all the houses on the block. Mam though refuses to move, even though everyone else is for it.

Bubba plans to move into the dorm and Vint and Naomi find a newspaper ad for their dream house, which with the money they’ll get from the city for the old house, they can now afford. Meanwhile, Bubba is working on a history paper for class on the founder of Raytown, James A.Ray. It seems he can find plenty of facts about his life but nothing about his death.

Until he goes to the hall of records. While Mama tries unsuccessfully to start a petition to save the block, then just as the day of demolition arrives, Bubba announces he found out that James A. Ray died at a house at 1 Old Decatur Road. The exact

Dec. 23, 1988

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