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Mama's Family 3x8

The Love Letter

Naomi is giving Bubba and Vint a love test to see how romantic they are,from the latest issue Lady’s Circle.As it turns out Vint is a “”cold fish”” and Bubba is a “”Red Hot Romeo””.So Vint decides to try and be more romantic and talks Bubba into writing her a love letter.

Vint puts it in her make up case,but Bubba moves it to her purse while Naomi watches.Thinking Bubba wrote it to her she begins to worry.Slipping it into the Lady’s Circle,which is where Iola finds it,thinking Vint wrote it her.She then leaves it accidently on George’s clipboard while he working on Mama’s refrigerator.

Iola shows up minutes later ready to claim Vint as her own,while Naomi tries to explain to Bubba,and Mama is freaked out thinking George is after her.Soon enough it is revealed though that the where the letter came from.

Nov. 15, 1986

Mama's Family season 3