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Mama's Family 3x7

Cat's Meow

Iola is distraught when her cat Midnight dies,although everyone else is thankful,noting that the cat was as mean as a rattlesnake. But Iola refuses to let go and nothing can console her—until she decides to have it freeze-dried.She goes all out and buys a model that meows when you pet it.She leaves it with Mama for a while and Mama takes it out to the front porch and leaves it.

That’s where Vint falls on it as he, Naomi and Bubba are bringing in a trunk they just bought from the police surplus. Thinking they killed the cat, they bury it,and go into to open the trunk.Which has a hole on the side of it and is the home of a Mama cat and her kittens.One of which looks just like Iola’s former pet.Who adopts it immediately.

Nov. 08, 1986

Mama's Family season 3