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Mama's Family 3x5

Soup to Nuts

Mama’s sister, Frannie, has just passed away, and even if she can’t bring herself to tell how Frannie actually died (it was by inhaling a tooth pick in the ladies room at the Bigger Jigger). Mama is never the less determined to give her late sister something she never had, a “”perfect day””. But things soon turn from perfect to terrible as one disaster after another strikes.

First Mama finds out Don and Loraine won’t be there and ofcourse Buzz and Sonya won’t either (for unexplained reasons) and Ed and Eunice have moved to Florida (a blessing). Then Ellen calls and says she’s got something more pressing business and can’t make it either. Later, as the the family gets home from the funeral, we find out Vint forgot to shut the hearse door, resulting in the coffin flying out of the hearse and down the on-ramp to the free way.

The house is a mess and they believe they’ve been robbed, but it is soon revealed that Eunice and Ed’s son Bubba (just out of reform school) has arrived after finding

Oct. 25, 1986

Mama's Family season 3