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Mama's Family 3x24

The Best Policy

Vint brings home a new electric blanket he received for signing up for a life insurance policy. A few minutes later, his insurance agent arrives for him to sign the papers, and as it turns out it’s an old boyfriend of Naomi’s, Stony Hall. Stony explains that the policy is worth $200,000 in case of accidental death and much to Mama’s dismay, Vint announces that Naomi is his sole beneficiary.

Following the announcment, Vint starts having accidents. First, he almost electrocutes himself while working on Naomi’s hair dryer (while it’s still plugged in) and then falls down the basement stairs, slipping on a bottle of Naomi’s nail polish and spraining his ankle in the process. This gives Iola the idea that Naomi is trying to bump Vint off for the money. She becomes convinced, as does Mama, after Bubba spies Naomi and Stony eating at a Chinese restaurant with the insurance policy in hand.

Mama and Iola watch closely as Naomi fixes Vint a bowl of soup, and mixes in a mysterious powder, thin

Mar. 21, 1987

Mama's Family season 3