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Mama's Family 3x10

Steal One, Pearl Two

Bubba wants to borrow $200 to buy a new drum set, while Iola’s upset that she can’t get her jewelry box open to put her pearls away, so she brings the box over for Vint to open. When he can’t, Bubba quickly borrows a bobby pin and opens it easily. Iola heads home only to return a few minutes later in search of her beloved pearls, which have mysteriously disappeared.

Iola is quick to accuse Bubba, who comes in with a brand new drum set, claiming he borrowed them from a friend of a friend who’s name he forgets. Pretneding to defend Bubba, Mama throws Iola out. Now convinced, she too accuses Bubba. Feeling betrayed by his own family Bubba attempts to run away from home.

She finds him at the “”Rayhound”” station and tells him the story of what happened when Eunice tried ran away (she only made it across the river to Bump). Saying she believes him now, Bubba decides to come home. In the end they find the pearls, where they had been all along, stuck to the back of a pillow on the couch.

Nov. 29, 1986

Mama's Family season 3