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Mama's Family 2x9

Amateur Night

Mama, Fran and Naomi take Vint to the Bigger Jigger to try and cheer him up over not getting a promotion at Kwik Keys. Naomi then convinces Vint to do his Fred Astaire routine for the Jigger’s talent show. She rushes home to get his costume and sheet music and arrives back to find him nervous and about to quit. But after some urging from Naomi he goes on and he’s a smash hit and wins the contest, along with the $100 prize and is invited back for the Saturday night show

But Vint let’s the little success go to his head. He first buys a new jump suit and changes his stage name to “”Vinnie Vegas””. Even going so far as to change his routine to something completely different. Mama and Fran (who he fired) refuse to go and after he tells Naomi to act like one of his groupies and not his wife, she stays home to. But Mama, Fran and Naomi soon realize how big a flop he’s gonna be and they rush to the Bigger Jigger to stop him.

They arrive in time and Mama pulls him into the men’s bathroom, which f

Dec. 08, 1983

Mama's Family season 2