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Mama's Family 2x7

Ellen's Boyfriend

Mama won’t let anyone leave because Ellen (who recently divorced her husband Bruce) is on the way over for another one of her european slide shows. This being the 4th time in two weeks that she’s been over, everyone is bored out of their minds, including Mama. But when Ellen shows up, she can’t stay, seems she has a meeting with a new club she’s joined called “”Quiters and Losers””. Meanwhile, Vint is involved in a key selling contest at work, where the winner gets a dinner for 4 at a very expensive restaurant.

Turns out Ellen is actually seeing a new boyfriend, who is a much younger man and he’s invited her to the ShayRay for dinner. Only problem is, Vint won that contest at work and the prize is a dinner for 4 at ShayRay’s. That’s where they run into Ellen and the family finally meets her new boyfriend, Glen. After hearing one to many of Mama’s rude comments Glen gets up to leave and wants Ellen to go with him, but Mama makes her stay.

Later at home, Ellen angrily confronts Mama over h

Nov. 17, 1983

Mama's Family season 2