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Mama's Family 2x6

Obscene Call

Mama finds Naomi at work being overly nice,and she explains to Mama she’s trying to win the Food Circus Friendly Employee of the Month.Which she ends up doing in the end,and gets her picture posted on a poster in the front of the store.

Naomi soon arrive’s home to celebrate and recieves a very disturbing phone call.An obscene phone call.He calls back several times,even asking for Naomi by name when Vint answers the phone.Mama and Fran soon come to the conclusion that it’s all Naomi’s fault,for the way she dresses and walks.Not to mention her efforts at work to be voted Friendly Employee of the Month.

This all changes when Naomi leaves for work and the guy calls back.Not getting Naomi he talks the same way to Mama,then Fran and even Vint.They realize he’ll talk to anyone that way and it’s not Naomi’s fault at all.So they all head down to Food Circus to apologize.

Nov. 10, 1983

Mama's Family season 2