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Mama's Family 2x4

Naomi and the Stork

Naomi’s ailing and all the signs point to her the Stork being on the way for her and Vint. A fact that Mama is the first to discover, after administering “”Aunt Ida’s Tater Masher Test””. Naomi is hesitant to tell Vint, because he wanted to wait to start their family until they get their own place. Mama accidently spills the beans to Buzz and Sonya, who think it’s great. But Fran is worried how they can manage having another person in the house.

Vint’s surprisingly favorable reaction to the news, prompts a discussion as to were it will be sleeping. A screaming match results as no one wants to give up their room.

Naomi,wanting to make sure she is pregnant, makes an appointment.The doctor runs some tests and tells her to wait. One by one the family arrives at the doctor’s office, First Mama and then Vint, followed Buzz and Sonya, lastly Fran. All have ideas on what they should do for the baby. Mama settle it by saying the babies bunking with her. Unfortunately come to find out, it was a

Oct. 27, 1983

Mama's Family season 2