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Mama's Family 2x22

A Grave Mistake

Mama can’t get anyone to go with her to Carl’s grave, so she goes by herself. After arriving and having a long talk with Carl, Mama notices that the grave next to Carl’s, that was supposed to be reserved for her, has another women’s name on it instead. She panics and rushes home.

Ellen arrives an hour late (as usual) to take Mama to the cemetary, just as Mama comes in and tells everyone what she’s just discovered. Fran and Mama soon head back to the cemetary to get the problem cleared up. It turns out Carl’s head stone was accidently placed two plots down. So Mama feels like she’s been cheating on Carl and says Carl has to send her a gift to let her know, it’s ok.

Meanwhile, Sonya goes out with a loser named Michael and he ends up flirting with a sophomore cheerleader who likes him and Sonya dumps him. He then shows up with flowers and after Sonya refuses to talk to him, he gives the flowers to Mama. Who takes it as Carl’s sign that everything’s ok.

Apr. 07, 1984

Mama's Family season 2