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Mama's Family 2x21

Ask Aunt Fran

Fran gets a fill-in job as a an advice columnist, when she asks Mama for an answer to a question and Mama does what she does best, tells people what to do and Fran uses it. Soon Fran’s editor takes notice of her popularity and Buzz advice’s Mama that she should be getting some of the money Fran is now earning. But Fran refuses saying she plans to slowly stop using Mama’s “”Home-Spun”” advice as she adds some pyschological insights in her latest article.

Fran’s got a date that night with her editor, Dwight Nettles, who loves the advice Fran’s been giving but can’t understand why Fran included all the psychological babble (which he edited out)in her latest article. He also has a problem he needs some advice on and that’s why he wanted to see her tonight. Seems “”his friend”” has just hired a new woman at work and has the hots for her, even though he’s married, he wants to know what to do.

Fran sneaks away from the table and calls Mama from the pay phone to beg her advice. Mama recognizes ri

Mar. 31, 1984

Mama's Family season 2