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Mama's Family 2x20

Mama Cries Uncle

Carl’s long lost brother, Roy Harper, shows up out of nowhere on Carl’s birthday. Not knowing that his brother has been dead for 11 long years. Vint, against Mama’s wishes, asks Uncle Roy to stay with them for a while.

Meanwhile Sonya has entered a beauty pageant and Noami, Ellen and Mama help her get ready. That’s where Uncle Roy tells her the story of when he saw Princess Grace at the White house and how beautiful she was and how she has the same smile. He also encourages Vint to chase his dream of being a firemen, even going so far as to get him an application for the Ray Town Fire Department.

Lastly, Roy is telling Thelma how her elbows remind him of Dorothy Lamure’s and that that’s what first attracted Carl to him and how he wishes he had seen her first. They hug but he leaves before anything really happens. Leaving his cooler, which means he’ll be back, Thelma hopes.

Mar. 24, 1984

Mama's Family season 2