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Mama's Family 2x2

The Return of Leonard Oates

Naomi’s 2nd ex- husband, Leonard Oates, returns to Raytown after 3 years a wealthy man. Seems he’s now the worm king of Tallahassee, Florida. Thanks to his mail order worm business. He’s returned with the intention of winning his ex back and taking Naomi back to Tallahasse with him.

As Naomi battles with the decision of what to do she gives Mama a permanent. But leaves the solution on to long and Mama’s hair comes out looking like a “”Huge Q-tip””. So after Leonard tells Naomi he’ll meet her at the Bigger Jigger at noon for her decision. She has a sit down with Fran who tells her “”she has to live with herself.””

Mama has to follow her to the jigger to get her to finish her hair and the whole family tags along. Later at the Bigger Jigger, Leonard makes Naomi choose and in the end Naomi chooses Vint and her new life over Leonard, because Vint, as she puts it, trusted her.

Oct. 13, 1983

Mama's Family season 2