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Mama's Family 2x19

Mama's Birthday

It’s Mama’s birthday and she doesn’t want no fuss. No cake, no party, and no presents. She only wants one thing, everyone to help clean out the attic. She thinks they could get it done in a couple of hours if everyone pitched in. But Vint, Sonya, Ellen, and Naomi all come up with some silly excuses to get out of it. Buzz is the only one who can’t think of one so he agrees.

While there cleaning Buzz asks Mama to tell him about her 30th birthday party. In a flashback, we see Mama and the kids as she’s getting ready for her party and thinking Carl is going to get a big promotion at work she orders a 19 cubic foot deep freeze. Then Grandma Crowley calls to say she can’t make Thelma’s Birthday cake.

Carl comes in and announces he didn’t get the promotion, right as they deliver the deep freeze. Thelma has to use a fruitcake as her cake,topped by Vint’s present of a paper heart.

Thelma soon finds out that Carl didn’t the promotion as Burt Wembley Stops by to thank Carl for turning it down. He

Mar. 17, 1984

Mama's Family season 2