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Mama's Family 2x18

Harper Versus Harper

Naomi trys to fix breakfast for her family but Mama dumps it out, with Naomi complaining about never being able to do anything for her husband and step-kids, saying Mama is always cleaning and cooking and won’t let her do anything.

Mama’s vacuum cleaner then breaks and Vint says she can borrow Naomi’s brand new one. The one Vint bought her for a wedding present. Naomi comes in while Mama’s using it. She starts complaining about nothing being hers. Just then the vacuum starts smoking and burns a whole in the carpet. As it turns out Mama ran over one of Naomi’s key chains. They start fighting and agree to go to court over it.

Small claims court Judge W.E. Packard oversees the case. Which ends up in a free-for-all as Mama and Naomi both call witnesses including Vint being called twice (once by each). In the end, the Judge finds Mama and Naomi in contempt of court and fine’s them $100 each and also orders them to pay their own damages.

Mar. 10, 1984

Mama's Family season 2