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Mama's Family 2x15

No Room at the Inn

It’s Vint and Naomi’s first wedding anniversary and Vint prepares by reserving two days and one night at a kinky hotel out of town. Meanwhile, Buzz and Sonya want to have a slumber party for girls and boys, but Mama refuses saying it’ll be girls only. Shortly before Vint and Naomi leave for their honeymoon, Aunt Effie calls to say she’s fallen and can’t get up, and asks Thelma to come out and help. Mama hitches a ride with the honeymooner’s and puts Fran in charge of the slumber party.

Later as they are finally alone at the motel, Naomi is dressed as a Matadorette and Vint is dressed as a bull. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door and it’s Mama saying Effie wasn’t hurt and all she wanted was someone to do her bidding, so she left and hitched a ride with a trucker to the hotel. Since she has no way home and there’s no available rooms at the motel she has to stay with them.

Not being able to sleep Mama on either the role away bed or the water bed. Mama decides to watch TV for a while, sh

Feb. 11, 1984

Mama's Family season 2