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Mama's Family 2x13

Mama Buys a Car

Mama finally decides to buy herself a car after her meals on wheels job falls through because she can’t find a ride.So she takes the thousand dollars she has saved and goes shopping for a car. She sees an ad in the newpaper for “”Willie Potts Used Cars””, Vint says he knows him, because he used to live just around the block. Mama remembers that Willie used to love her Oatmeal cookies, so in hopes of getting a deal, she bakes him a bag full.

Arriving at the lot, Willie acts as though he doesn’t remember them at all, but offers to paint any car on the lot blue for Mama, when she says she wants a blue car, but she refuses saying it had to be born blue. She finally finds one to her liking, talks Willie down from the initial price of $1500 dollars to her maximum price of $1000. Unfortuantely the car turns out to be a real “”Lemon”” and Willie refuses to give her money back.

So Mama walks in on an important meeting with Willie and the head of Ray Corp, Oscar Babcock, whose planning to buy a whol

Jan. 21, 1984

Mama's Family season 2