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Mama's Family 2x12

Black Belt Mama

Naomi gets home from her self defense class all fired up and Fran and Sonya decide to go next time.But Mama refuses saying it’s a waste of time and there’s no need for it.Although she’s scared to go to her bingo games anymore.

So Naomi,Sonya and Fran head to there Karate class and Mama to her Bingo.But Mama never makes it to Bingo as she is mugged while waiting for the bus.She gets home still shaking and clutching her purse strap.And quickly decides she too will join the Karate class,where Naomi is the star pupil.And Sonya is falling in love with Chuck,the instructor.Mama finds it tough to fit in.

A while later Mama returns to the same bus stop where she meets an elderly lady and begins telling her about the classes and how she was mugged.When the same mugger attacks again,but he turns his back to take the other womens purse and Mama wacks him in the head with her purse which is loaded with a light weight Iron.

Jan. 14, 1984

Mama's Family season 2