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Mama's Family 2x11

Mama Learns to Drive

Mama’s wanting desperately to go to the mall and pick up this blue hat she wants. But no one will drive her, seems everyone has plans. Then Frannie suggests she learn how to drive and Mama refuses, saying she’s to old to learn a new trick like that. After Mama leaves the family goes about planning who will teach her. It comes down to Vint, who decides to teach Mama about keys first since he’s a lock smith. Next it’s Buzz and Sonya’s turn to help her learn the rules of the road. Which doesn’t go any better than Vint’s lesson.

Mama finally begs Fran into driving her to the mall, but Fran makes Mama drive instead, which again turns into a disaster as they get stuck in a traffic accident and Mama gets out and leaves. Ellen thinking she can teach her, takes Mama to the mall parking lot, (it’s empty on sundays). But Mama ends up crashing Ellen’s car into the planter in the center of the lot.

Thinking she’ll never learn to drive Mama gives up, until she gets a call from the store about the Bl

Jan. 07, 1984

Mama's Family season 2