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Mama's Family 2x10

The Mama Who Came to Dinner

Mama and Fran are putting green stamps into her books,when Vint and Naomi come in from an evening with their friends.They’re complaining about not being able to invite anyone over.So Fran mentions having a party for their friends at the house.Mama agrees to cook the dinner and take Buzz and Sonya,along with Fran to the movies for the night,to leave Vint and Naomi alone.

Fran and Mama battle over what movie to see,E.T. is Mama’s choice and they get ready to leave,when Mama bends over and her back starts spasming.The family has to help her to the floor as she can’t move now.She tells Fran and the kids to go on ahead and she’ll meet them if her back gets better.Vint and Naomi’s friends arrive a minute later and the party begins.

Mama is the center of attention as everyone first listens to her story during dinner (which are served on Naomi’s new dinner trays,she got with the Green stamps of Mama’s).Then they end up feeding her,and then Mama tells Mar’sue that Naomi said she was a snob and

Dec. 22, 1983

Mama's Family season 2