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Mama's Family 2x1

Flaming Forties

Buzz and Sonya are the organizers of a dance to raise funds to build a new gym at the high school. They get an idea after finding some of Mama’s old stuff from the attic and hearing her stories about the Gym, and the way it was used as the Raytown U.S.O during the War. They wanna use Mama’s stuff and have a 40’s theme for the dance. But the other member’s of the committee decide they would rather have a Punk Rock theme instead and hire a hot new band called Medication.

Mama’s disappointed and let’s them take her stuff to be sold at the junk sale. Only after later talking to Fran does she realize how much the stuff really means to her. So her and Fran hurry to the gym to try and save her stuff from being sold. Only to find out the band got arrested (again) and won’t be able to play after all. They need to save the dance, so she plays some of her records and everyone has a surprisingly good time.

Sep. 29, 1983

Mama's Family season 2