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Mama's Family 1x9

Mama's Boyfriend

Mama is all dressed up as Fran gets back from the store and she wonders “”Who Died?””, Sonya soon asks the same question, before Mama reveals she has a date with an old beau she hasn’t seen in some 40 years. Much to the family’s objections Mama goes out with her old him.

After staying out most of the night on there first date and having such a great time, not to mention worrying poor old Fran half to death. Woody asked Thelma to go up to the lake with him like they did 40 years ago. She readily excepts to everyone’s surprise. The family protests, most notably Vint, but Mama goes anyway.

When they reach the cabin Mama gets nervous and starts an argument much like she did 40 years ago. After discussing the situation over a beer they both decide they made the right decision so long ago and end up coming home earlier than either had planned.

Mar. 19, 1983

Mama's Family season 1