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Mama's Family 1x8

Double Standard

Buzz and Sonya are getting ready for the the high school’s Homecoming dance, when Vint tells the kids they both have to be in by midnight. Both complain, but Sonya (who’s older) doesn’t understand why she has the same curfew as Buzz. Vint says it’s because she’s a girl. Later Vint tells Buzz to take an extra hour if he wants. Which really upsets Sonya when she finds out, she tells Vint that she might not be back on time and storms out with her date.

Vint, Mama and Fran are sitting up waiting to see if Sonya will be home on time. When Buzz comes home an hour before midnight, seems his date thought he was a jerk and dumped him for a football player. Just as Vint is getting worried, Sonya shows up still pissed and screams at Vint again. She storms off again into the kitchen and Mama follows where she finds out, Sonya had to come home, because her date had a curfew of midnight himself.

Mar. 12, 1983

Mama's Family season 1