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Mama's Family 1x13

Mama's Silver

Mama’s going on about Vint’s friend Claude being a bum and everything, when Ellen finally brings Mama’s silver back. Mama wants Vint to put it up right then, so no one will steal it. But he first gets a call from Claude, who needs a favor. Seems Claude got in a bar fight and he’s locked up in jail and needs $250 for his bail. Vint catches Ellen before she leaves and asks her, but she refuses. So he pawns Mama’s silver to get the money.

The next morning Mama goes to put some stuff away in the closet and discovers it’s gone. She wakes Vint up and he admits he took it and pawned it. Blowing her top Mama tells Vint to get her silver back and he then tells her why he needed the money. That only serves to get her madder.

In the midst of the screaming match, Vint decides to leave, and Sonya says she can stay with Nancy. So Vint goes to the basement to pack his stuff, but Mama can’t stand to see him go and calls him back upstairs and in their own way they make peace, at least for a few moments

May. 07, 1983

Mama's Family season 1