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Mama's Family 1x12

Positive Thinking

Eunice is telling Mama how bad her life sucks, while at the same moment making everyone else’s life a living hell too. That’s when Buzz comes in and tells Mama about how he just made the debate team after listening to a positive thinking tape. Eunice and Mama both shrug it off as nothing, that is until Eunice gets home and Ed wants his supper, and she starts listening to the tape while she starts dinner and it begins to work.

The next day Eunice shows up at Mama’s house with presents and a new sunny out look. She gives Vint the old movie reels of their childhood and Naomi gets the ear rings she’s been admiring. Eunice then announces she got a role in a play at the Pepper Pot Playhouse. Problem is, her rehearsal schedule conflicts with a sale that she was gonna take Mama too. So she invites Mama to go with her and go to the sale afterwards.

Eunice plays “”Sadie””, a small but important part, according to Eunice. With Mama sitting by they make a run through of Eunice’s lines and then the d

Apr. 30, 1983

Mama's Family season 1