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Mama's Family 1x1

Vint and the Kids Move In

Mama’s in a hurry to get to the mall for a sale and tries to hurry Fran along to finish eating. But before that can happen Fran’s boss at the newspaper calls. Telling her she has to come in and re-edit her latest story. Mama is obviously upset because she can’t drive and has no way to get to the sale. Meanwhile Vinton, Mama’s only son, drops by the house and announces that he and the kids have been evicted from their house. Now he’s hoping that he, his daughter Sonja, and his son Buzz, can stay with Mama until he gets back on his feet. Against Fran’s wishes Mama agrees. Vint gets the basement, Buzz gets the attic, and Sonja gets Fran’s writing studio because she refuses to sleep on the couch. Fran is outraged by this, and her and Mama have a huge argument about it. Fran’s mood turns even more sour when she finds out Sonja stumbled up on the book that she’d been working on recently and reads it. Fran says it’s an invasion of her privacy and finally makes the decision that she’ll move out. Because she can’t take the stress anymore. Of course Mama had no idea that Fran was actually writing in her studio. But later as things settle down a bit, her and Mama have a heart to heart and she changes her mind and decides to stay after all.

Jan. 22, 1983

Mama's Family season 1